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Ouvrier (H/F) | Saint-Clément (89) | 25 nov. 2022
Ensemble correct, travail assez physique mais paye en conséquence. vie professionnelle et vie personnelle très compatibles. Salaire et prime avantageuse. Petit problème de communication entre les différents services, personne service maintenance pas toujours efficace. Il manquerait un accès à un entretien individuel avec la direction pour établir un plan de carrière et faire un point sur le professionnalisme de chacun afin d'envisager une possibile évolution. Autrement dit, travail physique mais pas stressant pour autant, et relativement de bonne ambiance entre le personnel. Points positifs
Structure | Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (38) | 19 sept. 2022
Machine à broyer
Société inhumaine qui ne donne pas les moyens de travailler correctement, pire la société exige de compenser ce qu'elle ne vous donne pas. Obligation de résultat, jusqu'à ce que vous craquiez : Burn out, démissions, licienciements, ...
Points positifsEvolutions si mobile
Points négatifsInhumaine
Agent de Production (H/F) | Blois (41) | 9 août 2022
Environnement très ambitieux
En général le travail a valeo le plaît beaucoup surtout la nuit . Merci l'équipe
| Topeka, KS | 21 juin 2015
It's all about the billing!
Money is what Valeo is about and they hide in plain sight of the public with the image of helping people. When in fact its all about the billing. They will cut a client or reduce services due to their inability to bill insurance. They will fire employees if they affect billing. It's all about how deep the pockets are of the board, who runs Valeo. I am a current employee, but I have seen several fired throughout my years there. Management is very "clicky" and there is no room for a "second chance" because they will find someone to replace you. They look for warm bodies to fill positions in order to provide limited training to meet insurance definitions so they can bill. Through my time at Valeo, management has placed case managers and Mental Health techs in unsafe situations in order to bill for their time. The bottom line is, if Valeo can make money out of a situation then their clients and their employees are expendable. Let me back up and re-address the management. They are mostly social workers with no management experience. They allow their employees the "freedom" to make their own schedules. The upper management has their favorites and if you are one of them then you will get a promoted, but unless you have a social work degree you won't get far. A Case Manager and A mental health tech position is a dead end. Mental Health techs are part-time (actually they are considered contracted) so they don't receive benefits and are the most profitable for Valeo. Valeo pro
Points positifsFlexible schedule, if you plan accordingly.
Points négatifsDead end jobs, terrible insurance, a lot of micro management, poor pay/with long hours, and you can get fired for anything so not a long term employer.
Behavioral Health Professional | Topeka, KS | 14 mars 2020
An interesting place to work. You must be able to handle all types of situations due to clients state of mind at the time.
Valeo deals with the mentally ill and those trying to get help with drug and/or alcohol adication. You have to remember that the client might be calm and happy to see you at the time of meeting and then during waiting time they can completely be the opposite. You must be able to let things said to you roll off your shoulder and to remain calm, polite and respectful to someone who is not showing their best side. We are dealing with clients that are ill and also trying to get help with their illness. Must be able to work well with the medical staff, nurses, and other staff. It continues to change on a daily basis and must learn to "go with the flow" everyday. We are the first people that clients see, so being kind, polite and understanding is very important. Also being the first to see people, Valeo does not provide proper working space and protection for those people that can turn to violence in certain situations. My supervisor always has our back and does everything within her powers to make our day enjoyable, fun and as stress free as possible. Over my 12 years there, it is becoming harder to take the lack of the companies procedures that are put into place without taking our position into consideration of the new procedures. I am an older person who believes that everyone in the company needs to be considered and involved in decision making so that no one area is receiving additional responsibility without acknowledgement and help to make the additional work possib
Crisis Response Specialist | Topeka, KS | 18 juil. 2021
Great place to work!
I can honestly say that the team leaders and management are the best I’ve ever worked for. The staff is fun and working with people that are in crisis can be very rewarding but sometimes challenging. This is a job that you are always learning new things and Valeo has been very good about properly educating new staff, and providing training to assure you are qualified to do the job with the most helpful tools to help the clients. I would recommend a friend to work here, however anyone interested in working here needs to understand that we deal with all sorts of different personalities and you can’t take things personal or get your feelings hurt easy. Our clients should be the #1 priority and they depend on us to get their mental state stable, so putting the most effort into how you can help this person is essential and could be the difference between life and death.
Points positifsFree lunch, great management, rewarding, educational learning, helping others
Points négatifsWorking Weekends, and holidays
Mental Health Technician | Topeka, KS | 31 mai 2012
The job was very laid back until law enforcement brought in clients at which time we became very busy.
The job was PRN. No schedule was permnant. You were subject to loose hours on any give moment. The clients were recently released from a long term mental health facility. Some could become very violent and some refused to become de-institutionalized. Many were happy to learn how to live in society among normal living. I learned that many institutionalized people have the ability to learn how to live in society. They learn how to take there medications and live with the low means they have. My job was to teach them how to live appropriately without being in an institution where they felt safe but needed close supervision.
Points positifsi took the clients to garage sales, how to purchase foods at a low price and how to find clothing they could afford.
Points négatifsno healthcare or sick leave. no vacation leave. no hours of work was promised to you.
Technician | Topeka, KS | 16 avr. 2013
Not what it appears to be from the outside looking in
A typical day at work was charting clients daily activities on the unit. I learned that this is a place for addicts to be safe and get help for their problem Management is one sided all about clients feelings, opinions and very little care for employees rights Co-workers were not open to leading a hand through out the learning stage, just making their money The hardest part of the job is giving enough support without controlling the clients recovery The most enjoyable part of the job was how clients could relate to my character
Points positifsnot having to dress up, valeo gaves clients chances after chances to return, would recommend this company to friends or family in need of help.
Points négatifsclicks, mistakes are not forgiven nor learning given a chance, i struggled with boundary, limits and socially surroundings from day one, would not recommend this company to friends or family to work.
Certified Peer Specialist | Topeka, KS | 20 juil. 2022
It can be rewarding, but also psychologically exhausting
Because of the demands of peer support work, your mind was exhausted long before the end of the day while working with clients. Most of the time, my peer support coworkers were supportive, though there were a handful of individuals who liked to make things difficult for others. The few required meetings I attended lacked order and focus. It's not an undemanding job and because of the psychological stressors, it's not a career for everyone, especially if you're still working on your own mental health recovery. They pay peer supports much less than what one would expect given the duties, demands, expectations, and responsibilities of the position. The workplace culture for peer supports was laid back and I learned how to better manage my mental health by regularly teaching coping skills to clients.
Counselor | Topeka, KS | 3 févr. 2019
Awful work place not worth the hassle
Valeo is like that candy that taste good in the beginning then leaves a foul aftertaste. In the beginning it was enjoyable and i couldn't understand why they had such a high turnover rate, until a month later. There is no communication between management so instructions are never clear. They have no flexibility with scheduling and no understanding of personal leave. They are short staffed always and try to make you pick up despite having a life outside of work. I literally work 60 hours a week despite having school and they don't allow you not to take the shifts or you get points. The point system is extremely deep and leaves no lead way.
Points positifsgreat clients, casual dress
Points négatifsmanagement, point system, coworkers, pay, environment, flexibility, overall job
Student Intern | Topeka, KS | 23 juin 2015
a great place to work
Valeo is non-stop work environment. I was an intern there. During my time there, I helped run group counseling sessions, type in notes from group sessions, input KCPC and SASSI tests and sit in on individual counseling. I learned that being a counselor has its rewards, but also has it's challenges. The hardest part was seeing client return after having a successful release. The most enjoyable is the atmosphere amongst co-workers.
Points positifscheap lunches, daily staff meetings
Points négatifsno down time
Mental Health Technician | Topeka, KS | 10 juin 2018
Very heartworming Experience!!
Facilitate trips with the consumer of local mental health facility to teach client resources that the community may offer. These resources were for food, housing, medical and medication education. It was also educational for me as I learned a lot by simple communication and a caring spirit to "listen" to their stories. It was such a good feeling to help these folks.
Points positifsThree day work week.
Points négatifsLow Pay and too many miles on our car!

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