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Responsable des Ventes (H/F) | Lyon (69) | 24 mai 2021
Environnement de travail agréable
Si vous êtes une personne conscienceuse et professionnelle dans votre métier, vous aurez de réelles perspectives d'évolution au sain de l'entreprise.
Points positifsHeures supplémentaires et complémentaires toutes payées
Points négatifsPas d'avantages en nature
Administrative Assistant | New York, NY | 24 déc. 2015
productive, great environment, professional environment, great team work, helpful co-workers,
A typical day at work is answering phones, greeting guests, booking conference rooms for employees, creating correspondence using Microsoft Office, communicating via Outlook 2016 e-mail and arranging limousine service for guests and employees. I learned how to multitask and organize information in order to work seamlessly and efficiently. Management is efficient and fair and working policies and goals are attainable. Helpful and friendly co-workers. Great team work Hardest part of the job is occasionally working long daily hours. Most enjoyable part of the job is meeting and greeting clients, booking conference rooms for partners, associates and all other employees.
Points positifsGreat work environment
Points négatifsPeriodically a long 12 hour work day
Subcontractor | Washington, DC | 22 août 2018
Productive and easy-going work environment
Responsible for setting up and cleaning up work space and following orders. Learned nearly everything about construction, from demoing and framing walls (wood and steel) to painting and caulking. Paul is a self-employed general contractor who is very organized and manages each project with care and precision. Workplace culture was very easy-going, mainly because it was just the two of us working. Hardest part was the low pay, low hours, and no benefits, while most enjoyable part was working each job to completion. Paul has high attention to detail, which led to finely done projects as well as kept me progressing with my skills, especially with mudding, trim, and painting.
Points positifsEasy-going environment
Points négatifsLittle pay, no benefits or paid time off, no job advancement
Technology Consultant | Del Mar, CA | 8 juin 2016
A company with growth, fun and a place to retire from
I started as an intern with very little knowledge of networks and computing systems. In my 15 years with my last employer I learned a lot on my own with a great deal of hands on experience. I was mentored by very talented individuals who were my ideal career professional I desire to be. I had the experience to deal with many different people throughout my years some good and some bad but was able to keep it professional and work forward to keep dedicated to the company and its goals. All in all I had a great experience in the corporate world and would not change anything that I experience through those 15 years of service.
Points positifsIn house shop, all setups were done by us, touch a lot of technologies
Points négatifsRedundant routines, political culture
Cajero/a | Santiago de Chile, Región Metropolitana | 21 août 2015
buen lugar y comodo
Un día típico; arqueo de caja, al comienzo del turno, obtener cambio para vueltos. cierre de cuentas de diferentes formas de pago, arqueo de caja para cerrar el turno. cuadratura de cajas. Lo que aprendí fue a trabajar bajo presión y cumplir con dos cargos al mismo tiempo(una de las partes mas difíciles para mi) , entrega de productos y caja. tratar con diferentes tipos de clientes, una de las mejores partes durante el día, por la interacción con el cliente y sus diferentes vivencias. En cuanto a la dirección, la dirección mas directa siempre fue de mas contacto, la contabilidad no fue muy responsable con los pagos, pero cumplieron. Siempre hubo buen ambiente y relación laboral
Accounts Assistant | Essex | 30 juin 2016
A typical day at work as accounts assistant is good business to work for which gives you a different day to day role, but sometime can be busy and be stressful at times with the different demands but overall nothing too extreme. Salary wasn't great could be better because am temporary role. The hardest part of the job is when you are in the unfortunate position of having to reconciliations. An enjoyable part of the job is once all the preparation income statement and position is done and its give you a smooth reconciliation of the client company account.
Points positifsstrong colleague relationships
Points négatifsdevelopment opportunities
Accountant | Alvin, TX | 4 mai 2014
Excellent place to begin a career in the world of business
In Paul, Phipps & Co, there are strong personal relationships with experienced CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers. Additionally, there is much opportunity to become familiarized with tax law and procedures, as well as the business world in general. In this environment, one gets much opportunity to become proficient in accounting and tax software such as Quick-books and Pro-series.
Points positifs1 hour for lunch everyday; steady 40 hour workweek. Weekends off.
Points négatifsWorkloads oscillate between very busy periods (specifically tax season) and slow, slumping periods
Sales Assistant | Wales | 15 févr. 2020
Great management
I started work around 8:15am and finished at around 4-6pm (varied times). The times i finished changed depending on the season. I learnt how to cooperate with other people and communicate within a varied age group. My manager was great, he helped me understand and learn to develop on my skills whilst i was working. If there was ever a task to hard an i needed help i could let my manager know and things would be explained to me or shown at the time of the moment.
Sales Associate | Changi | 14 oct. 2014
its a nice work place
almost everyday is busy, and everyday im learning a lot not only on the products that we have but also on how to deal with different guest especially that im working in Paul airport, our management is good to us they manage to give our needs if possible, my co-workers is also supportive to me hardest part of the job for is nothing because i enjoy everytime i come to work.
Points positifsstaff meal
Garden Associate | Hertfordshire | 9 juin 2017
There isn't really a typical day as everyday is different. I have learned how to mow grass straight, weed and maintain borders as well as chop and store logs, safely. The management style was fair and feel that I was treated well and shown how to do things safely. The hardest part is the heavy lifting where as the most enjoyable part is being outside.
Points positifsBecoming fitter
Points négatifsEarly starts
Caregiver/Companion | United States | 12 juil. 2018
I absolutely loved the boss, client, time spent w/client, conversations, hours and mostly all was very simplified. The best people in the world.
It was a very peaceful and enlightning experience to work for the two. Honest, trustworthy family. Never any complaints. Developed a great business relationship. In the end its always heartbreaking.
Points positifsSick days, bad weather days.
Points négatifsNone.

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Quelle flexibilité est offerte en termes d’aménagement des horaires ou de télétravail ?
Posée le 24 août 2018
Aucune flexibilité au niveau des horaire
Réponse du 31 janv. 2019
Le planning est changé une a deux fois par semaine et prévoir votre mois est impossible puisque affiché au dernier moment
Réponse du 6 oct. 2018
Comment avez-vous obtenu votre premier entretien chez Paul ?
Posée le 22 oct. 2019
J'y suis aller directement
Réponse du 14 nov. 2019
Grâce a ICCI formation
Réponse du 22 oct. 2019
Date du versement de salaire
Posée le 29 juin 2019
Date du versement de salaire et le 07du moi
Réponse du 10 déc. 2020
J'étais payer tout les 5 du mois
Réponse du 14 nov. 2019
Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement ?
Posée le 16 avr. 2019
1 semaine au plus tard
Réponse du 18 avr. 2020
Vite fait ils sont en galère de personnel
Réponse du 16 avr. 2019
Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Paul ?
Posée le 23 janv. 2019
Absolument rien il nous prennent pour des debilles et prenne tout et n importe quoi
Réponse du 23 mars 2021
Si sa nous pose pa de problème pour travailler les week-end travailler les matin ou les après midi
Réponse du 23 janv. 2019