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450 €
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200 €-700 €
1 salaire indiqué
2 269 €
par mois
1 400 €-3 700 €
1 salaire indiqué
2 184 €
par mois
1 400 €-3 900 €
1 salaire indiqué
1 900 €
par mois
1 400 €-2 900 €
1 salaire indiqué
22 000 €
par mois
11 000 €-33 000 €
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Associate | Tysons Corner, VA | 2 oct. 2020
Run for the hills!
I started off with the firm on an outstanding note for about a year (despite lack of pay for grueling work and exhausting hours and utter disregard for work / life balance). When I transitioned to a new engagement, I received next to no training for my position. This set me up for failure immediately, especially as a recent graduate just beginning my career. I was told repeatedly by colleagues that I did not belong with KPMG because I didn't major in business or accounting. Due to frequent questioning and doubts as to why I'm apart of the firm, I struggled feeling a sense of belonging. My manager was very unprofessional, who micromanaged and forwarded me emails containing catty, negative discussions between other colleagues about me. The directors and managers were only concerned about promoting themselves rather than genuinely caring about employees and the client. Toxic environment and toxic, fake people. If you don't possess a Type A personality or superiority complex or (god forbid) didn't study business or accounting, run far away. Many individuals have had great experiences with KPMG and I wish I had the same opportunity. Proud to say I am no longer with the firm and now very happy in my new work with a fantastic company.
Associate | Tysons Corner, VA | 11 déc. 2020
Great Firm with excellent opportunities for growth and advancement
Your experience will entirely depend on your engagement and/or team. You can be put on an absolute dumpster fire of a project and have a dreadful experience, or you can get put on an excellent project and end up wondering why some of your peers are so stressed and contemplating jumping off a bridge. I was fortunate to be put on a great project and have had an excellent experience thus far. Oth I have heard a couple of my fellow new hires have been put on terrible projects and I genuinely feel bad for them. The concerns i’ve heard are incompetent managers, Senior Associate with little to no accountability for the success of their new associates, and unusually long hours. Overall my experience has been a super positive one.
Points positifsBenefits, Pay, Flexibility
Points négatifsHours, certain projects
Accountant | Tysons Corner, VA | 12 déc. 2012
Managemnt was very helpfull for the employess.
A lot of compensation benefits,like life insurance,provident fund,car insurance,benevolent fund.This was a very big cpa,s company of the charted accountants partner..I work with them a very easily and work there a long time in this company. The overall rating for this company is 5 plus.
Points positifsi get a lot of free lunches
Points négatifsi have health insurance and entertainment benefits as well.
Executive Director | Tysons Corner, VA | 14 nov. 2019
Good working environment overall
Typical day was 8-10 hrs. in the office with occasional calls in the evenings or early morning before normal work hours. People were polite with most business conducted over Skype or conference calls. As a Partnership the business model is very consensus oriented for decision making which presented a challenge at times to arrive at consensus timely.
Senior Associate | Tysons Corner, VA | 17 mars 2017
Engaging Projects with little upward mobility
The projects are exciting and unique in the federal space, but too often advancement within the firm is tied to contracts and not ability. Work life balance depends on your manager. I used to have an amazing work life balance. Now, I am forced to be a butt in a seat despite the work flow or lack thereof.
Audit Intern | Tysons Corner, VA | 28 juil. 2017
Loved it
I've really enjoyed my summer here at KPMG. I have been allowed the opportunity to network with many individuals at many different levels, from associates to partners. My experience has shown me that the people and the culture here are one of a kind, everyone is genuinely very nice and welcoming. I'm hoping for a return offer.
Associate | Tysons Corner, VA | 17 janv. 2020
Great Culture, Compensation and process for advancing could be better
I think KPMG is a great company for a multitude of reasons, but management could be better, and the promotion process more equitable. I've enjoyed my time at the company, but the pay could also be better. Great culture, and competent staff.
Financial Management Specialist | Tysons Corner, VA | 7 oct. 2017
Great Place to Start
There is a lot of opportunity to learn new concepts and expand your network. Your long term success however is dependent upon your engagements and your affiliation with key leadership.
Points positifsTools, Exposure, Network, Prestige
Points négatifsPay, Work-Life Balance, Politics
Analyst | Tysons Corner, VA | 12 déc. 2016
Productive and fun workplace with great management, but no work life balance
Love the job and a great experience, but no time for myself outside of work. I just got married and want to be able to have a family in a few years. Staying at work every day for 13 hours or more is not going to warrant that.
Associate | Tysons Corner, VA | 9 mai 2017
Great Place
I enjoyed my time there. Lots of opportunities to learn for certifications. There are plenty of mentors that are available and they do their best to help in any way that they can.
Points positifsGreat benefits, and can be great if you end up on a good project.
Points négatifsCan end up on bad projects

Questions et réponses au sujet de l'entreprise KPMG

Comment avez-vous obtenu votre premier entretien chez KPMG ?
Posée le 20 févr. 2018
Avec la directrice sur rdv
Réponse du 29 sept. 2020
Candidature spontanée
Réponse du 20 oct. 2018
Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez KPMG ?
Posée le 16 oct. 2019
Pas conviviable, aucun effort fourni pour intégrer les nouveaux arrivants
Réponse du 17 mai 2021
Tendue, stressante, plusieurs burn-out...
Réponse du 8 mars 2021
Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez KPMG ?
Posée le 18 juil. 2019
Belle question 🥰 Vous voyez le nombre de candidat que j’ai à voir. Pourquoi vous ? Conseil ne pas décrire votre Cv, il c’est déjà le lire 🤣
Réponse du 11 juil. 2021
On vous pose des questions vos dernières expériences et sur votre motivation. Vous faites des souhaits mais ils n'en tiennent pas compte.
Réponse du 4 févr. 2020
Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez KPMG ?
Posée le 24 sept. 2018
Réviser les écritures comptables, savoir se présenter
Réponse du 9 juil. 2021
Etre naturel et se renseigner sur les activités du cabinet. Savoir exprimer ses attentes et ses envies, le cabinet sait en tenir compte.
Réponse du 2 févr. 2020
Quelles sont les perspectives de carrière chez KPMG ?
Posée le 20 déc. 2017
aucune si vous ne léchez pas les bottes du chef
Réponse du 21 mai 2021
Chaque année, le consultant passe au grade suivant avec une augmentation de salaire d'environ 10% (variable selon le niveau de salaire auquel le consultant a démarré)/
Réponse du 10 mai 2020